Welcome to the newest Football Manager blog. I hope though that you will find this a blog with a difference. I’ve spent time in and around the FM ‘Scene’ for the best part of four years now and over that time I’ve posted on a variety of different forums. It’s got to the stage now that I don’t enjoy the interaction of those forums as much as I once did and I think it’s time I branched out and simply get to do exactly what I want to do.

What though do I want to do? Those that know me will be aware that my main interest and focus with FM is with the tactical aspect of the game, I enjoy figuring out how the match engine works and how we can apply real life tactical situations to that match engine to make the game more enjoyable. So essentially this is going to be a tactics based blog but one that I am going to split into three distinct categories.

Firstly I will be continuing my ‘Mechanising the Play‘ series that has appeared on a few different forums over the last year. This series is a chance to look at exactly how I implement tactical situations from the real world into FM and whether they work or not. Secondly, I will be bringing back the ‘Reactive Tactics‘ series in which I look at in game situations where you need to consider tactical tweaks to counter the AI and change a losing situation into a winning one.

Lastly and probably of most interest to you I will be continuing with ‘Tactical Reviews‘ I have contacted three forums on which I have posted over the years and they have agreed to allow me to advertise for user made tactics that the creator may want reviewed. I will take the tactic over a 5 match test before breaking it down statistically and addressing positive and negative aspects using in game examples. Those reviews will be posted both here and on the forum from which the tactic originated.

I’m fairly sure that’s enough for now. All I need to do is produce a couple of articles so that this blog can finally go live…