Tactical Review – Sam’s Bayern 3-4-3


The System

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A genuinely interesting shape that is based albeit loosely on a 3-4-3 shape. By using an anchorman in front of the defence Sam is essentially giving himself a defensive triangle which should be extremely strong centrally. In the attack the lone striker will be ably supported by the wingers and two central midfielders to create overloads and angles. More


Reactive Tactics: Against the Defensive Box


The second part of the new Reactive Tactics section. This time we are looking at a defensive setup that can be extremely frustrating to face. Given the hugely positive reaction to this series it will now play a much larger part in the blog.

Have you played in South America before? If so then no doubt you will have at some point come across the dreaded defensive box system rolled out by the AI to frustrate you. The box for those that don’t know is a narrow midfield with two central midfielders and two defensive midfielders that operate very close together making it very difficult for your team to find any space. There are though of course small switches that you can make to effectively collapse the box and negate its strength.