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It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these so please bear with me. Since I ‘grew up’ in FM terms posting on forums writing about my save became second nature and indeed it was a way to make the saves more interesting for me. In recent years though that’s fallen to the wayside. I’ve decided though that for FM13 I will use my blog as a vessel to host my updates to try and show you how I play the game and why I make the decisions that I do. For those that only follow or read the blog for the tactical updates fear not, the career side of my writing will not detract from my tactical output.

So where has FM13 taken me? Well the answer is that it’s taken me to Norway and in to the shoes of one Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as I have taken control of Molde FK, in truth I have also taken charge of the national side as this will be a Club and Country save. The first update though will focus on my plans for the club side.

I’m not the kind of manager that likes to spend great amounts of money and nor do I base success or failure purely on European success. Instead I like to start every save by imposing a set of restrictions or rules on myself to make things more interesting for me. This time these are as follows;

  • I will only scout and sign players from three distinct areas
    • Norway, Africa, South America (outwith Brazil and Argentina)
  • Every players has his price and should said price be met the player will be sold regardless of his stature in the team
  • I will not spend more than £1,000,000 on a single player
  • There will be a wage cap of £10k per week imposed. Any existing player demanding more in a contract negotiation will be sold if he won’t compromise
  • Focus will be on bringing through young players from the clubs youth side

The scouting restriction is fairly self evident. I am constantly looking for the best Norwegian talent both to benefit the national team and the club. The idea is that the younger players can develop more under my tutelage than an AI manager. Africa is a hotbed of young cheap talent and the national team has a few nationalised African players already. The plan will be to sign the cream early and have them eligible for Norwegian nationality at a relatively young age. The resale value of these players also makes it good business sense to bring them in. By restricting my transfer and wage expenditure I am clearly setting out to run the club at a profit. Our stadium is relatively small and I simply don’t see the point in signing players and paying them an astronomical amount of money.

The Squad

My team will be built around a base of Norwegian players that make us look very strong on paper. The spine of our team is looking excellent with one glaring exception that I will get to later.

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Vegard Forren is the defensive rock around which the side will be built. A superb determined defender that also has the composure and capacity to pass the ball out of defence. Forren is a player that I expect to be a cornerstone of both the club and national side for years to come. He is although attracting interest from bigger sides already so if an offer comes in that I consider too good to turn down then he may well be off.

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The jewel in my crown and a player that is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine. Magnus Wolff Eikrem is a creative force to be reckoned with, He has the ability to unlock defences with a single pass as well has posing a real threat from free kicks and corners. The key player in my tactical scheme. Once again though there are bigger sides sniffing around. I’ve already decided that it would take an offer of £10M to make me sell. That kind of money would allow me to restructure the face of the squad.

I’m going to leave this first post there. The next career update will show the start of the season as well as going in to more detail with my plans for the national side and my tactical ideas for both teams.