At the moment the FM scene is enjoying an abundance of quality writing both on various blogs and on the more traditional forums. In an effort to celebrate Football Manager Analysis surpassing the 100,000 view mark I thought that I’d share some of my favourite articles of recent times.

Football Manager Veteran

A blog ran by Shrewnaldo who had spent the majority of his FM posting ‘career’ over at The Dugout. His career orientated posts are filled with interesting tactical points as well as giving an insight in to succession planning and squad building.

Feralpi Salo – I shouldn’t really be disappointed should I..

I’ve only picked the latest of his superb Feralpi Salo updates but I would strongly recommend going back through and reading through his career from the start. It really is a great read from the start.

Exploiting the Pocket

An example of the depth of tactical thought that Shrewnaldo shows throughout his career updates. His look at the importance and effectiveness of utilising a player in the pocket is superb.

Hopefully this should be enough of a prompt to have you look back through his archive of articles.

Push Them Wide

Jad and Sean started this excellent blog not long after began blogging myself. As such we have developed and grown together. Given that they are a duo the scope of articles is wide but the writing is always engaging. There is some great content on tactics and training as well as on other topics on the site.

The Comprehensive Guide to FM Training

An excellent guide to the new training module within FM13 with the use of case studies to explain the reasoning behind the theories. Given my relevant lack of knowledge when it comes to training I for one found this useful.

The Creative Forward

A look in to the role of the creative forward – one of the most important when it comes to unlocking the stubborn AI defences.

As well as the above I would recommend the excellent Match Analysis series that they have.

FM Manager

A blog that hasn’t been updated all that much recently but showed a lot of promise in the beginning – enough indeed for me to include it on this list. Again it’s a mix of career updates and tactical pieces.

A tactical project – pass and move – the midfield

A tactical look at building a possession based midfield with in game illustrated screenshots to illustrate the points made.

A Scouts Guide to Scouting Part One

A Scouts Guide to Scouting Part Two

An interesting look at setting up your scouting network – a part of the game that really can be key.

Football Manager Focus

Another blog that mixes articles on the tactical side of the game with more career focused updates. The articles provided tend to be interesting and thought provoking, if a little few and far between! I want more.

Fox in the Box

Another tactical article that concentrates on the attacking side of the game showing up to set up a traditional goal poacher.

Passion for Football Manager 2013

A relatively new blog on the ‘scene’ but for all that it’s new there tend to be updates and posts constantly. Worth checking for some of the informative articles they put up.

Football Manager 2013 Director of Football

A look at the role of Director of Football for those that are unaware of the benefits and drawbacks of having someone else take on some of your managerial duties.

I hope you take the time to check out these blogs and to appreciate the time and effort that goes in to producing the articles contained within. Over the next week I’ll put up a second list of articles and threads from the various FM forums that I’ve found useful or interesting.