First of all apologies for the fact this article will more than likely appear rusty, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, well anything that I’ve kept. In that time I’ve written roughly 4 articles but each one has been deleted almost immediately. I seem to have got past my period of apathy now though so keep an eye out for more articles appearing on the blog over the coming weeks. 

Football Manager today reflects the real world of football in many ways, one of those is of course tactically. It is becoming more and more important to have at least one player that is able to move between the lines of midfield and attack both linking the play and creating overloads thus pressuring the opposition defensive schemes and creating pockets of space that can be exploited by the more creative attacking players in the side. This tactical trend is most evident away from the Premier League with players like Christian Eriksen at Ajax developing the tactical intelligence to perform the role to near perfection for Ajax. In Football Manager the box to box midfielder role is designed to emulate this tactical trend with the designated player supposed to link between the lines and offer both attacking and defensive options. Why though should we use such a player and what does he offer us?