I came to the conclusion recently that I’m in danger of becoming a football ‘hipster’ from my love of Borussia Dortmund and admiration of Marcelo Bielsa to my absolute certainty that Manuel Pellegrini will be a huge hit in Manchester I am a sucker for an interesting story. As such I’m sure that you can envisage my excitement when Barcelona appointed a relatively unknown Argentinian as their new coach, who is Gerardo Martino? Obviously I was aware of the excellent progress that Paraguay had made and their performance at the 2010 World Cup was excellent, I was also aware that Newell’s Old Boys were performing well both domestically and in the Copa Libertadores but I still knew relatively little about the coach responsible for both of these sides. As any other self respecting pseudo-hipster would I turned to the internet for my answer, during my reading I came across an excellent article by Euan Marshall over on his blog imagine my excitement then as I began to realise how closely linked Bielsa and Martino were! This burst of reading though as is so often the case led to a new tactical idea for my Football Manager save. The image towards the end of the article in which the system used by Bielsa at Newell’s in 1991 caught my eye, a 3-4-3 with a lot of vertical play from back to front. I started to picture a way in which I could build this idea in to a working Football Manager system, what would that look like though?