I blame ‘Inverting the Pyramid’. Since its release there have been countless tactical blogs, websites and twitter accounts created and although many of them are genuinely extremely interesting there are others that seem only to exist to unnecessarily complicate matters and seemingly reinvent language in the process. It’s this breed of blog/site/account that has led to something of a populist backlash against those that like to research and talk tactics with the term hipster in particular being assigned all too readily, from false 9’s to inverted wingers and registas it’s all to easy to lose sight of the fact that football is in fact a simple game. The subject matter of this article however is one that has been a recognised part of football and indeed coaching vernacular long before Jonathan Wilson released his tactical bible (don’t take this as a slight on the book or its author, it remains one of my favourites) this article will look at the nature and the use of a pivot at the heart of the midfield.

There are two types of deep pivot that you can utilise in your games, the single pivot and the double pivot. I myself have a preference to use a double pivot although in truth there is not really one option that is better than the other you just have to decide and choose which of the two options fits your overall strategy better. Before we look at the use of the pivot within FM though it’s worth recognising the use of the pivot in real terms.