Tactical Review: Lewis 4-2-3-1 Counter


Once again a member of The Away Stand football manager forum was the first to get his tactic in for a review so that makes it two in a row for the site as I took the time to examine Lewis 4-2-3-1 Counter, a system that provided interesting results in terms of stretching the opposition and using direct passes to dissect the opponents defensive lines.

The System

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Tactical Review: Foxo’s Wehen 4-2-2-2


The first in what will be many of my tactical reviews has been provided by Foxo from The Away Stand Forum. For those that are unfamiliar with how these work I will use the same team and same set of fixtures for each review in order to give a fair representation of each tactic. The tactic will be used over 5 competitive matches of varying difficulty both home and away before I analyse the games to pick out positives and negatives as well as giving a statistical breakdown of the sample. I hope you enjoy and as ever feedback is welcome.

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